Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Comic Wednesday: with a spoiler

So I will admit I'm a bad puppy and with everything else going on I haven't read the Theros comics. Bad puppy, bad.

But apparently the Theros run of comics are going to be the last Magic comics for a while. Why am I saying this? When Wizards first put out the Magic comics this time around with IDW, the question got brought up if Dack Fayden (the star of the comics) would ever make it into a card. Wizards said that as long as the comics were going, Dack would not be in the Magic card storyline. (He wouldn't get a card of his own and wouldn't be blatantly in the text of other cards.) 

Then this got spoiled for Conspiracy:

Goodbye, again, Magic comics. It was fun while it lasted.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Battle Royale

This is an essentially brand new Battle Royale set. It is opened, but it is complete and never played. Anyone else ever have one of these? I'd like to see Wizards do something like this again.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I know I don't post much anymore

And I apologize for that. I've been crazy busy with life and haven't kept up on this much. I haven't been playing tons of Magic either. Been keeping it mostly to FNM and the occasional Thursday Night Magic.

I did get featured on The Unicorn Files and that's one of the reasons I was updating this. I'll try to keep up with it a little more. We shall see how that goes.

Planeswalkers and Promos: MTG JOU

Yep, it's that time again.

Prerelease Promos:






Launch promos-

Buy a Box-

Game Day:


Top 8-


                                            was really hoping it would be the art to Deicide. :(


Selesnya finally got our Planeswalker. I'm pretty happy about it. He'll be going in a deck with Doubling Season soon enough.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Magic Style

Since I've been so busy with so much else in life, I have paid about 0 attention to a lot of the bigger Magic events. I kinda feel bad about it. I went into 2013 determined to do the best I could a keep going. The truth is that you burn out. That competition becomes everything. That you become a raving a-hole if you don't make at least Top 8. So the last half of 13, I decided to calm down and take it slower. We'll see where it goes in 2014.

This Throwback is about 2013. I started doing FNM essentially every Friday. Sometimes I sucked horribly. Sometimes I did amazing.

Then Feb 9th, I did my first Pro Tour Qualifier in Gaia knows how long. I drove all the way to KC to go 3-5 and come in 82nd out of 158. All my other PTQs that year would essentially be the same. But 3 wins at a PTQ still translates to a lot of points.

Then I went back to KC for my first Star City Open. I took a homebrew Selesnya deck. And I went 6-4, coming in 78th out of 455. Holy crap. That is still one of my greatest achievements.

Then in June, thanks to all those points I'd been getting: I went to Chicago for a World Magic Cup Qualifier. I was stoked out of my head. And I went 6-3 and came in 33 out of 233. Not bad at all. If I remember correctly, at one point I got as high as 13th. I was so happy. It was one of my favorite events ever.

In July, I went back to KC yet again for GP KC. I came in 643rd out of 958. Modern is not my thing. LOL. But at least I tried. As least I had fun.

I will attempt to update this more from here out, but I make no promises. Life is a little crazy right now. If you're ever in Omaha, I'm at Ground Zero Omaha every Friday Night. We started doing FNM there. Not having enough people to report the matches is hurting my points, but I like the atmosphere a lot better.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Born of the Gods is coming!

Yes, I suck. I haven't been playing a lot of Magic... I did play FNM this past week and won with confused Green Devotion. It was fun.

But it is time for promos and Planeswalker!

Prerelease Promos:

Once again, you will be picking a box based on one of the five colors. I'm going to be going for green or white. Who is surprised?

Launch Promo:

That makes 3 launches in a row where the promo has been Blue. High five Wizards! No, not really, Blue can frakking bite me.

Buy a Box Promo:

Game Day Promos:

Top 8:

Who wants to speculate the price of that??? The non foil regular card is currently at a preorder price of $12 over on Star City. So a regular foil is probably looking at $20+ An extended art foil??? I see this getting stupid rather fast.

As promised, Planeswalker:

"How can we make players hate us more?" 
"I know! Make a blue planeswalker that shuts down Reckoner! Then make it crap out giant creatures!"
"But it's blue..."
"I know, so you make it blue green. At least make the casting cost G/U. But make the card as blue as possible! Because Merfolk should totally throw 9/9s at people!"

Here's to hoping Ajani is Selesnya colored and not full of suck in Journey Into Nyx...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Theros Prerelease

I'm late to this, I know, I suck...

I had never done a tournament at Game Shoppe before, but when they said that they were going to give away a set of the ComicCon Planeswalkers to 1st and were capping attendance at 100, I decided to give it a shot. I chose Black for this one and got some good cards to make a good deck.

My ONLY complaint:
I don't know if you can fully tell by the pic, but the backs of the seats are touching each other... I don't consider that comfortable seating. Especially when you're shoved in against a table. (Interestingly enough, that pic shows me and the other 3 main members of my playgroup.)

I sadly had to drop after doing pretty well so that I could go to work.

But I did get some good cards:

And being a part of the Omaha Magic community can occasionally have amazing results:

Then I went to the prerelease at Ground Zero Omaha. I chose white for that one and pulled essentially crap. I did horribly and felt really tilty the entire night. (Especially towards the stuck up kid who somehow managed to pull all white rares... O_o) Apparently a large group of people were old regulars from the store that closed and that explains some of their rampant douchebaggery. (Seriously, have you ever seen me complain about the quality of people at GZO?) Nathan managed to come in 3rd, so at least someone in the group did good and had fun.

Well, that was random, but I figured I would throw something up real quick. And to show off my sexy, sexy Chandra. LOL

Tomorrow is States! I will actually be going this time. And hopefully I will actually do more of a tournament report on that one... I've also joined a Commander league at Game Shoppe (a store I'm starting to really like other than the cramming people together at the Prerelease), so there may be posts about that somewhere along the line...