Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Magic Style

Since I've been so busy with so much else in life, I have paid about 0 attention to a lot of the bigger Magic events. I kinda feel bad about it. I went into 2013 determined to do the best I could a keep going. The truth is that you burn out. That competition becomes everything. That you become a raving a-hole if you don't make at least Top 8. So the last half of 13, I decided to calm down and take it slower. We'll see where it goes in 2014.

This Throwback is about 2013. I started doing FNM essentially every Friday. Sometimes I sucked horribly. Sometimes I did amazing.

Then Feb 9th, I did my first Pro Tour Qualifier in Gaia knows how long. I drove all the way to KC to go 3-5 and come in 82nd out of 158. All my other PTQs that year would essentially be the same. But 3 wins at a PTQ still translates to a lot of points.

Then I went back to KC for my first Star City Open. I took a homebrew Selesnya deck. And I went 6-4, coming in 78th out of 455. Holy crap. That is still one of my greatest achievements.

Then in June, thanks to all those points I'd been getting: I went to Chicago for a World Magic Cup Qualifier. I was stoked out of my head. And I went 6-3 and came in 33 out of 233. Not bad at all. If I remember correctly, at one point I got as high as 13th. I was so happy. It was one of my favorite events ever.

In July, I went back to KC yet again for GP KC. I came in 643rd out of 958. Modern is not my thing. LOL. But at least I tried. As least I had fun.

I will attempt to update this more from here out, but I make no promises. Life is a little crazy right now. If you're ever in Omaha, I'm at Ground Zero Omaha every Friday Night. We started doing FNM there. Not having enough people to report the matches is hurting my points, but I like the atmosphere a lot better.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Born of the Gods is coming!

Yes, I suck. I haven't been playing a lot of Magic... I did play FNM this past week and won with confused Green Devotion. It was fun.

But it is time for promos and Planeswalker!

Prerelease Promos:

Once again, you will be picking a box based on one of the five colors. I'm going to be going for green or white. Who is surprised?

Launch Promo:

That makes 3 launches in a row where the promo has been Blue. High five Wizards! No, not really, Blue can frakking bite me.

Buy a Box Promo:

Game Day Promos:

Top 8:

Who wants to speculate the price of that??? The non foil regular card is currently at a preorder price of $12 over on Star City. So a regular foil is probably looking at $20+ An extended art foil??? I see this getting stupid rather fast.

As promised, Planeswalker:

"How can we make players hate us more?" 
"I know! Make a blue planeswalker that shuts down Reckoner! Then make it crap out giant creatures!"
"But it's blue..."
"I know, so you make it blue green. At least make the casting cost G/U. But make the card as blue as possible! Because Merfolk should totally throw 9/9s at people!"

Here's to hoping Ajani is Selesnya colored and not full of suck in Journey Into Nyx...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Theros Prerelease

I'm late to this, I know, I suck...

I had never done a tournament at Game Shoppe before, but when they said that they were going to give away a set of the ComicCon Planeswalkers to 1st and were capping attendance at 100, I decided to give it a shot. I chose Black for this one and got some good cards to make a good deck.

My ONLY complaint:
I don't know if you can fully tell by the pic, but the backs of the seats are touching each other... I don't consider that comfortable seating. Especially when you're shoved in against a table. (Interestingly enough, that pic shows me and the other 3 main members of my playgroup.)

I sadly had to drop after doing pretty well so that I could go to work.

But I did get some good cards:

And being a part of the Omaha Magic community can occasionally have amazing results:

Then I went to the prerelease at Ground Zero Omaha. I chose white for that one and pulled essentially crap. I did horribly and felt really tilty the entire night. (Especially towards the stuck up kid who somehow managed to pull all white rares... O_o) Apparently a large group of people were old regulars from the store that closed and that explains some of their rampant douchebaggery. (Seriously, have you ever seen me complain about the quality of people at GZO?) Nathan managed to come in 3rd, so at least someone in the group did good and had fun.

Well, that was random, but I figured I would throw something up real quick. And to show off my sexy, sexy Chandra. LOL

Tomorrow is States! I will actually be going this time. And hopefully I will actually do more of a tournament report on that one... I've also joined a Commander league at Game Shoppe (a store I'm starting to really like other than the cramming people together at the Prerelease), so there may be posts about that somewhere along the line...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Promos and Planeswalkers!!!!!!!!!

Prerelease Promos:


Buy a Box:

Game Day:


Top 8-

And because I love you guys, Planeswalker spoilers!

Who else is totally full of stoke??? I will be at the midnight prerelease at Game Shoppe in Bellevue and will be playing black. (lol wut). I will be at the Saturday at 6pm prerelease at Ground Zero Omaha and will probably be playing white. I will also be cosplaying at GZO!

Next weekend is the launch FNM for Theros.

The weekend after is States! Since a lot of the local higher level players will be at GP OKC, I think I have a little bit more of a chance. LOL.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From the Vault: 20

I'm not dead! Just a lot of stuff has come up in the real world, so I haven't had the chance to sit down and keep up with this. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with this again.

That is my FTV:20. Behind it are the 3 I bought for friends. This was originally going to be an unboxing post like I did with FTV:Realms. Instead, this is going to be a kind of rant. I apologize ahead of time.

Anyone care to take a guess as to how much I paid for each of those? Would any of you believe that I paid MSRP for all of them? I did.

The From the Vaults sets are special sets that stores get as a reward for how well they do over the year. They do that because of the players. They do well when tournaments do well. They do well when they sell a lot of product. You, the players, decide if a shop survives or not. (Random moment of silence for Coliseum Gaming.) When the shop does well, Wizards rewards the shop with special things like From the Vault so that the store can sell them to their players as a thank you.

I hear you yelling. "If it's a thank you, why is it $200?" The quick and dirty answer: I want to blame Star City. I do. I want to blame them for offering a buy price of $110 for the simple fact that Jace, the Mind Sculptor is in there. In the long run, I want to blame every person who would essentially take advantage of their LGS and buy a FTV from them for MSRP and then run off to eBay to make a shite ton of money on it.

From the Vaults are rewards to the stores and are in turn rewards to the players. Notice the word PLAYERS? Yes, that's the people who actually PLAY with their cards. Stores want to sell these at MSRP to people who actually want to PLAY with the cards. Since it is after all, a card GAME. They don't want to sell to someone who just wants to make a profit.

I've been on both sides of the counter. I've seen both sides of the argument, that's why I'm bringing this rant to you. The suggestion I have for you: actually play at your store. Most stores will cut a deal for their regulars. If they won't cut a deal for their regulars and all they care about is the money, vote with your wallet. You, the players, have the ability to make a store close if you decide that you just won't put up with their crap anymore. Remember that. On the short end, your LGS relies on you. In the long run, Wizards exists because of you. You have a say in this. Remember that.

Happy 20th Anniversary to Magic: the Gathering!

And it's been a year of me doing this blog thing! Happy anniversary to Girls Play Magic Too! Wootsauce.

Who else is excited for Theros??? Expect more insane posts from me as we lead up to that! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Grand Prix Kansas City

Went down to Kansas City for the Grand Prix.

Yeah, my sleeves look pretty awesome with that mat. LOL.

Essentially played Bant Hexproof. I will get a list up once I decide to stop being lazy.

Went into this with a Round 1 bye due to points.

Round 2: 0-2 vs Gruul aggro. Interesting to be on the other side...

Round 3: 1-2 vs Gruul aggro. Hello karma, how are you?

Round 4: 0-2 vs Urza Tron.

Round 5: 1-2 vs Fishes

Round 6: 0-2 vs America control. I lost my shit on the guy and told him that if he wanted to play Magic alone, he should be at home playing Duels.

Round 7: 2-0 vs no opponent. At this point, if I'm still playing, it's because I want to play. Don't be an ass and not show up.

Round 8: 0-2 vs Urza Tron. I was in happy angry land. This meant that I started chanting "Emrakul" at one point... Then jokingly told the guy that he was doing it wrong when I didn't see Emrakul all of Game 1.

Round 9: 2-1 vs Anna. She let me have it though... Points are more my thing than hers...

I currently have enough points to go to my next GP with 2 byes... But I'm probably not going to another GP this year. :( I originally planned on going to GP Detroit, but now I probably won't.

I might be too much of a Grinder, but I see no difference between a GP and a Star City Open. All 8+ Round events seem the same anymore...

This is how they did the pairings:
There were also pairings posted online. Which didn't work Round 1 and crashed Round 7. I'm not a fan of the scrolling list on the screen... It just doesn't seem to work as well as the paper sheets. Saw a lot of people frustrated with the way they were doing the pairings.

This weekend is the prereleases to M14!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be at the Midnight prerelease at Legend Comics and Coffee. I will be unable to attend the prerelease at Ground Zero Omaha due to work. This will be the first one since M12 that I haven't been able to make. Fail.

See you all next weekend!

PTQ Omaha 6/22

This is the PTQ I warned you guys about. After this, I will hopefully be finally sending my feedback to Wizards about this event. It's taken so long because I wanted to be coherent about it and not just go full tilt...

The owner told Wizards that he was rearranging his store and would have comfortable seating for 110 players. Part of my feedback to Wizards will be me asking what their definition of "comfortable seating" is. The owner did rearrange the store, then proceeded to not use all the room he had. Chairs were sitting with their backs touching the entire time. If you unfortunately found yourself behind a larger player, you practically had to sit on the table to have room. I spent several rounds with my chair sideways just to have room. If you were in any seat other than the ones on the aisle, you were trapped until the other players were done. There just wasn't the room to be able to get past people. On top of this, the air conditioner was broken. 80 people crammed in a room so packed that you can't move between tables with no a/c. Take a moment to imagine that. Not a pleasant picture, is it?

The one bonus that I enjoyed was free food. The owner of the game store also owns 2 local restaurants. He brought in stuff to be able to serve free food for everyone.

Round 1: 2-1 vs Jund. I was very happy about this. Especially since this was a guy I lost to at the PTQ in Chicago.

Round 2: 0-2 vs Reanimator

Round 3: 0-2 vs Gruul aggro

Round 4: 0-2 vs Esper Control. This means I'm off my game.

Round 5: 2-1 vs Bant Hexproof. There we go, back on the game.

Round 6: 0-2 vs Gruul aggro. Didn't know this was a thing again...

Round 7: 2-0 vs a kid trolling the event with a mono-black Rat deck. LOL

Ended up 36th out of 80.