Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From the Vault: 20

I'm not dead! Just a lot of stuff has come up in the real world, so I haven't had the chance to sit down and keep up with this. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with this again.

That is my FTV:20. Behind it are the 3 I bought for friends. This was originally going to be an unboxing post like I did with FTV:Realms. Instead, this is going to be a kind of rant. I apologize ahead of time.

Anyone care to take a guess as to how much I paid for each of those? Would any of you believe that I paid MSRP for all of them? I did.

The From the Vaults sets are special sets that stores get as a reward for how well they do over the year. They do that because of the players. They do well when tournaments do well. They do well when they sell a lot of product. You, the players, decide if a shop survives or not. (Random moment of silence for Coliseum Gaming.) When the shop does well, Wizards rewards the shop with special things like From the Vault so that the store can sell them to their players as a thank you.

I hear you yelling. "If it's a thank you, why is it $200?" The quick and dirty answer: I want to blame Star City. I do. I want to blame them for offering a buy price of $110 for the simple fact that Jace, the Mind Sculptor is in there. In the long run, I want to blame every person who would essentially take advantage of their LGS and buy a FTV from them for MSRP and then run off to eBay to make a shite ton of money on it.

From the Vaults are rewards to the stores and are in turn rewards to the players. Notice the word PLAYERS? Yes, that's the people who actually PLAY with their cards. Stores want to sell these at MSRP to people who actually want to PLAY with the cards. Since it is after all, a card GAME. They don't want to sell to someone who just wants to make a profit.

I've been on both sides of the counter. I've seen both sides of the argument, that's why I'm bringing this rant to you. The suggestion I have for you: actually play at your store. Most stores will cut a deal for their regulars. If they won't cut a deal for their regulars and all they care about is the money, vote with your wallet. You, the players, have the ability to make a store close if you decide that you just won't put up with their crap anymore. Remember that. On the short end, your LGS relies on you. In the long run, Wizards exists because of you. You have a say in this. Remember that.

Happy 20th Anniversary to Magic: the Gathering!

And it's been a year of me doing this blog thing! Happy anniversary to Girls Play Magic Too! Wootsauce.

Who else is excited for Theros??? Expect more insane posts from me as we lead up to that! 


  1. I'm glad you see both side of this. People complaining about the price drive me nuts. If you want a local place to play organized magic and buy product, you need your local store to stay in business. Most cards stores are owned by people interested in Magic, true. But they are also in business to support their family and making a living. Rarely are they a socialist not-for-profit utopia. I've played long enough (almost 17 years now since I as a child) that I've seen many stores go in and out of business. There is always a fine line that needs be walked between serving your players, treating them well, and making enough profit to make the business work. I have no problem with stores selling these above MSRP because, in reality, they are worth more than that. If a person thinks they must sell them at MSRP then you can make an argument that a store should sell every single at the same price too. It is just a silly argument. It is noble that some stores sell at MSRP though. I commend them. I recently purchased one of these from a store at $40 and made sure a bought a bunch of other stuff I normally would have bought online too because of it.

  2. I too am way behind on keeping up, but fell really far behind when M14 released, so have been playing catch-up with my home brew (which is selesnya with black splashed) and trying to build forward for Theros.
    But yes, I always buy from my LGS due to the fact that I play there and they usually discount other things, like pre-ordering boxes for $89.99 originally, which is a steal. So I don't mind paying more for things like this, which I didn't get to in time at my LGS. But I def see where you are coming from.
    I look forward to seeing your thoughts on Theros as well, looks like it's going to be a good set so far. Elspeth looks AMAZING!!