Friday, October 4, 2013

Theros Prerelease

I'm late to this, I know, I suck...

I had never done a tournament at Game Shoppe before, but when they said that they were going to give away a set of the ComicCon Planeswalkers to 1st and were capping attendance at 100, I decided to give it a shot. I chose Black for this one and got some good cards to make a good deck.

My ONLY complaint:
I don't know if you can fully tell by the pic, but the backs of the seats are touching each other... I don't consider that comfortable seating. Especially when you're shoved in against a table. (Interestingly enough, that pic shows me and the other 3 main members of my playgroup.)

I sadly had to drop after doing pretty well so that I could go to work.

But I did get some good cards:

And being a part of the Omaha Magic community can occasionally have amazing results:

Then I went to the prerelease at Ground Zero Omaha. I chose white for that one and pulled essentially crap. I did horribly and felt really tilty the entire night. (Especially towards the stuck up kid who somehow managed to pull all white rares... O_o) Apparently a large group of people were old regulars from the store that closed and that explains some of their rampant douchebaggery. (Seriously, have you ever seen me complain about the quality of people at GZO?) Nathan managed to come in 3rd, so at least someone in the group did good and had fun.

Well, that was random, but I figured I would throw something up real quick. And to show off my sexy, sexy Chandra. LOL

Tomorrow is States! I will actually be going this time. And hopefully I will actually do more of a tournament report on that one... I've also joined a Commander league at Game Shoppe (a store I'm starting to really like other than the cramming people together at the Prerelease), so there may be posts about that somewhere along the line...


  1. Good to see you back, I did decent in the pre-release, went B/G and went 3-2-1, but dropped from Ames, PTQ last saturday after going 2-2, as it was X-2 on 9 rounds, and my deck was shaky at best. Was forced into 3 colors. Yuck. Did pull a foil Heliod and a Xenagos, so not too shabby on the day

    1. I didn't go to the PTQ in Ames cause it was the same weekend as States. I almost wish I had gone to the PTQ instead. Lol. At least you got some good cards. That can make a crap tournament worth it.